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Promoting clemency, reconciliation, truth, and dialogue for all Rwandans (Hutu, Tutsi, Twa) and the International Community.




Dear of Friends Rwanda Hope,

People call me Jean de Dieu Hakizimana, the founder of Rwanda Hope Society, an international- voluntary non-profit educational organization. Established in Kigali - Rwanda in 1994, it become a Canadian organization in April 1997.

The organization's objective is to assist the less fortunate and needy children who are to receive an education due to tragic events that occurred in Rwanda.

I came to Canada as a refugee, and I thank God that Canada granted me Canadian citizen and Canada is my second home, in that last seventeer years, I have been helping people, especially the street children and vulnerable groups in Kigali - Rwanda.

I have decided to devote my life to the Rwanda Hope Society, and our goal Restoring Hope to the victims of the tragic events that occurred in my country, the children, the homeless, the orphaned, the so many unfortunate and needy. A million people died another two million fled to neighboring countries  during this time of darkness.

Today, my dream is to shine the light of truth on what happened and what is happening in Rwanda, and support can peace and reconciliation be restored to Rwanda, and your help is very important to make this dream a reality.

How I do appreciate you! I would like to thank you for your prayers full of support, your notes of encouragement and your financial support. I lie in bed each night and thank God that He has placed it in so many hearts to join us in this project. To help abandoned in and outside of Rwanda. What a blessing you are, not only to many others around the world who would not be helped if it weren't for your contribution.
Thank you.

Forgive to heal the Rwandan problem
for the future reconciliation both Hutu and Tutsi.

Many Rwandan are afraid to forgive because to them forgiving means they remain a victim. They are afraid the other person will keep on doing what they were doing. Yet, forgiveness is what changes perception and experience: It would change the very pattern that got you into this problem. Forgiveness is not sacrifice, it is transformation and peace.

What you hold against those you dislike is judgment and grievance. Yet, only the guilty blame. the innocent see nothing to condemn. When we feel guilty, in an attempt to avoid suffering, we repress the feeling and project it out on someone else. Thus, what we hold against others is what we are judging in ourselves. our grievances and projections on others give us access to finding areas of conflict inside ourselves. We can work very hard in our lives without much reward to hide our guilt is unrewarded.

Our forgiveness of others release our buried guilt. So, rather that make someone you dislike to the scapegoat and lose the opportunity to heal hidden conflicts, to day choose to do that which would free you both ( Hutu and Tutsi) .. If you continue to judge them, you will be stuck with you have judged and remain in the same situation. Your guilt, although hidden, will continue to punish you. Please Hutu and Tutsi looks inside of your hearts and bring forgiveness alive for better reconciliation, and future of our Children in Rwanda.

Forgiveness protects your rights and your freedom while releasing your subconscious guilt. Forgiveness transforms the situation by transforming perception. Forgiveness reinstates everyone's innocence including your own.

Exercise to forgive;
List three grievances that you have with another person. For each one ask yourself. "Would I hold this against myself? " If the answer is no, you both are free. Turn the forgiveness over to that has all the answers- your Higher Mind and Soul. Any time you think of someone you dislike just know the forgiveness is being handled for you. Enjoy the result and let me know, at hakiza@gmail.com



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