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RH is planning a memorial section for biographical portraits of loved ones killed, assassinated, missing, tortured, arbitrarily arrested and raped, which can be viewed and reproduced by anyone in the world for generations to come.

With our unique and exclusive service, one can present:

  • photos of a loved one
  • meaningful artwork
  • family crests
  • literature, eulogy, books, poems, lyrics, stories, newspaper articles
  • philosophies as well as accomplishments


  • links from one memorial page to another (family members-family tree)
  • language translation; translate memorials into five languages)
  • invitation e-mails sent to a predetermined list selected by you, inviting them to visit your loved ones site
  • condolence and flower service; allows friends, family and visitors to send flowers and regards to the family
  • private page option; password protection sections that you can share with friends and family)

RH's online memorial will also offer an online condolence/obituary service giving tributes honoring a family member or a friend. This is similar to newspaper obituaries, but will remain forever.

Our Services are on a one time fee for creation of a memorial for the contribution of the charity activities of NCI to the orphans of those families around the world.

Condolences $5
Memorials $60

Each has an annual maintenance fee of $5

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