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Our Vision

Our Values:

  • Equal opportunity in the home, work place and community
  • Equal access to health care, housing, employment, education  and social services

Our Believes:

  • The right to life
  • Equal rights for all people
  • The right to make ones own decisions
  • Respect
  • Personal growth
  • Everyone has the right to live and participate in their community
  • Everyone has the right to equal opportunity
  • Diversity




Our Goals:

    • To  create a commission for the Rwandan history
    • To  raise public awareness about the Rwandan constitution
    • To create public inquiries for lasting reconciliation
    • To involve the community a process of forgiving and healing
    • To create a system for lifelong learning for everyone
    • To build a museum about the truth of Rwandan history.





Reconciliation│Forgiveness│Literacy │Truth │

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